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 "I have had three children tutored by Todor Stoinov for the past seven years. Two of my children — a boy and a girl — are thirteen year olds; the other, a boy, is seventeen years old. Todor gives them piano lessons every Sunday evening. They love it ! He makes the lessons enjoyable while insuring that they progress at a good pace. The seasonal recitals that the kids participate in with Todor's other students are among the the high points for my family every year. I admire, trust, and like Todor Stoinov immensely and am happy to talk with anyone who would like to know more about my experience with him." 

Dr. Randall Kennedy
Harvard Law School
Dedham, Massachusetts


 "I do piano adult classes in Ivy Music Academy in Norfolk.  I never played piano before, my children both play instruments in the King Philip Music , and Freeman Kennedy.  So I suppose you could say I got inspiration from them.  I always wanted to learn piano but was either too busy, or not really thinking that I could. But after enrolling over  a year ago, I am very happy to say that the school, especially Maral Annaovezova, the piano teacher has given me that chance.Not only is she very patient, but kind and passionate about music.

Angela Kent,


 “I began voice lessons a few months ago with Elyssa Lata at Ivy Music Academy.  I had taken lessons from another voice instructor here in Massachusetts, as well as from a prominent voice instructor in Newport Beach, California, who trained many of the celebrity singers.  In spite of all of my previous lessons, I felt that I never was able to excel with my voice.  I have always loved singing but always struggled with my singing voice.
I found Elyssa to be the most enthusiastic instructor I have ever worked with. She is very talented, attentive to detail and loves her job, which I believe is so important.  Additionally, she’s just a wonderful person!
I also have to say that everyone else at the academy is terrific.  It’s a very warm, welcoming and friendly place to study.
I look forward to my lessons so much, that, rather than going only once a week, like I started, I now go 3 times a week at my request. I just love Elyssa and Ivy Music Academy.”  

Dave E. David
M.D.Cosmetic Surgeon
Norfolk, MA


 "Hi Vaska,I just wanted to thank you. Steve Marchena is wonderful! Jackson has never been so enthusiastic about anything else before! He has been so happy since his lesson! He said he loves it! You have to understand those are words we don`t take lightly from Jack;) Does Steve have anymore available time during the week? I don't think Jack will be able to wait till next Friday for another lesson. I don't want to over do it so whatever you feel is best. Thank you, thank you!"

Cindy Baker
Norfolk, MA 


“Dr. Baris Perker has been excellent piano teacher for both my  children, ages 12 and 8 years.  He is very encouraging and teaches piano to the kids by endeavoring to select material that interests them and keeps them engaged.  For instance, he taught my son how to play the theme from Star Wars because it interested my son.
  As a result, my son was motivated to practice more.  Also, Baris adjusts his teaching techniques appropriately to keep my daughter, 8 years old, interested as well.  By doing this, both kids have developed a personal appreciation for the piano.”

Joy and Kenneth Chin 


 “Michael Figueiredo is devoted to and proficient at so many complementary aspects of his craft -- learning and teaching, arranging and composing, playing and listening. As a fellow lifelong student and performer of virtually all genres of music, I am hard-pressed to think of a better mentor and instructor.”
Levi Peckham


"Dear Terry Grissino,
Thank You for all the wonderful things you do. You have truly opened the doors to a whole new world of music for Catherine. She looks forward to her weekly lessons and practices willingly. In a very short time you've taught her that music is more than just playing the notes. Thank you again."
Tom & Laura Class 


"I had the pleasure of playing with Michael Figueiredo for many years during my time in Boston. On a compositional level he is far above any standard as he draws from endless influences and genres. His musicianship and tastefulness are also unmatched. I feel that I was constantly challenged as an artist through his music and that I am a better musician and person as a result of our relationship. Michael's enthusiasm for his craft is infectious and is an attribute that every musician should strive for whether they be a novice or professional."

Jimmy Kuehn


 "Terry Grissino is one of the finest clarinetists I've ever had the pleasure of working with and is highly knowledgeable regarding 19th century music."

Julie Cleveland, Cape Ann Piano Studio


“Dr. Baris Perker is a very talented professional musician, but most important of all, he is a very dedicated teacher.  In addition to piano technique, he also develops other area of musicianship such as theory, ear training and sight-reading. I have been taking piano lessons from various teachers for almost 20 years, I feel so fortunate to have Baris as my teacher.”
Suzanne Leung 


"When, in January, 2014,  our (then) six year-old asked us for violin lessons, we were both pleased and perplexed.  We were thrilled that he had discovered something that piqued his interest, but the violin was quite foreign to us, and we were unsure of where to begin.  We were Delighted to find the Ivy Music Academy just minutes from our home.  We were even more thrilled to find Ian Clancy, our son's teacher, at Ivy.  Ian is a beautiful, gifted violinist in his own right.  Ian inspires our son with his passion for the violin, yet he balances this with an admirable approach to both a balanced education and enjoyment of the music.  Ian endeavors to help our son to manage the practice that is required, as well as to maintain a joy for each and every new skill that he masters.  Ian is patient, passionate, and incredibly excited to share his knowledge with his students.  I mention "Patient" first, because our son is not short of conversation.  (Read:"chatty" would be a euphemism), Yet, Ian Still manages to capture our son's attention, as well as his imagination. Ian inspires our son with his passion for the violin, yet he balances this with an admirable approach to both education and enjoyment.  We are truly grateful to have access to the Ivy Music Academy right on our doorstep. "
Alexandra Hall,
Wrentham, MA


"Dear Shooka,
Thank you so much for teaching me a wealth of new information. You are an incredible teacher and I’m so happy I took lessons with you. You helped me through all of my auditions and I don’t think I would be going where I am without you!

Thank you!

Eilis Quinn
Norfolk, MA

Eilis got accepted into the Marymount Manhattan College at New York.


"Dear Todor,
I just wanted to let you know that your beautiful prelude at this morning's UUMA worship moved me to tears. I don't mean figuratively: I was literally sobbing throughout. For me as a minister constantly caring for others, it was moving, healing, and and liberating to feel so profoundly cared for by your ministry of music. 

Thank you.


Rev. Fred Small
Senior Minister First Parish in Cambridge, Unitarian Universalist Cambridge, MA 02138 -----  

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