Guitar Lessons

Whether you are a novice or expert, we have a lesson suited for you. Since all our lessons are one on one with a teacher, progress is catered to each student, allowing for maximum attention and progress.

Our teachers want you to learn guitar that you feel passionate about, so be sure to tell them what style of music you enjoy!

Guitar (Acoustic/Electric) lessons for beginners

We focus on finger placement. We will begin by studying both the names of the notes on each string and the basic open position chords. Next, we will focus on the art of strumming and then apply this core knowledge to create basic accompaniments for a wide variety of popular tunes. Basic improvisation and use of the capo are also covered.

Intermediate Level

Essential rhythm and lead guitar techniques are explored, focusing on Blues, Jazz, Rock and Classical styles. Other styles covered are Country, Pop, Folk, Flamenco and Heavy Metal. This class is suitable for students who already have a strong working knowledge of basic open position chords.

Advanced Level

We will survey and develop the most advanced guitar techniques including: string skipping, alternate picking, sweep picking, finger picking, finger tapping and a variety of harmonic techniques. This class is suitable for students who have a strong working knowledge of barre chords and pentatonic scales.

09/05/2017 - 01/31/2018

⇒ Monday and Wednesday afternoons with Michael Figueiredo
⇒ Monday and Wednesday afternoons with Steve Marchena

Lessons are hold once a week.