Voice Lessons

Here at Ivy, we provide private voice lessons to a broad range of students. From the high-school student looking to improve their performance in the school musical, to the adult pursuing a lifetime hobby.
Voice lessons are suggested only for students who are over the age of 10, as the voice must be mature enough to healthily undertake the difficulty of vocal exercises and solo repertoire.

Beginning students

The beginning voice student will learn the basics of reading music (i.e., rhythm, dynamics, sight-singing, and note-reading). In addition, they will be taught the proper breathing and singing technique that are essential for healthy vocal growth. The beginning student, depending on the musical genre that interests them, will sing lighter musical theatre and art song. Most of their repertoire will be in English, though occasionally they may be assigned Italian. They will also learn the basics of acting and interpretation. The suggested lesson time for the beginning vocal student is 30 – 45 minutes.

Intermediate students

The intermediate voice student is expected to be proficient at reading all aspects of music. Their breathing and singing technique will continue to be established and strengthened. Their repertoire will grow more difficult – ranging from heavier musical theatre to light opera or operetta. They will sing in English, French, German, and Italian. Acting will become much more critical at this stage. The suggested lesson time for the intermediate student is 45 minutes – 1 hour.

Advanced students

The advanced student is expected to be a master at reading music. Their breathing and singing technique should be well established. They are also expected to have experience singing in different languages (French, German, and Italian). Lessons will provide a rigorous exploration of acting, interpretation, and strict attention to detail. Advanced students will build a diverse repertoire of musical theatre, opera, and art song. The suggested lesson time for the advanced student is 1 hour or more.

09/05/2017 - 01/31/2018

⇒ Tuesday afternoon
⇒ Thursday afternoon
⇒ Friday afternoon
⇒ Saturdays

Lessons are hold once a week.