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As a Professional Piano Teacher, parents often ask me what age is the best age to begin piano lessons. Since all children have different skills and abilities, the perfect age to begin private piano lessons depends on the individual child.

Kids can start formal music training as early as age 3, when brain circuits for learning music mature. In fact, studies at the University of California suggest that taking music lessons at age 3 can increase your child's brainpower. However, many piano teachers prefer that children wait until they are 5, when their hands are bigger and they're more ready to sit still and concentrate.


Most teachers recommend starting formal voice lessons after a child`s voice changes in puberty.

However, children can start as young as six with general singing lessons that do not involve formal vocal technique. Voice lessons with a younger student involve learning to sing on pitch, basics of breathing, rhythm, notation and basic musicianship.


Violin & Viola – Our recommended starting age for violin or viola is four, although exceptions can certainly be made for a younger student who is capable of handling the strings properly and with sufficient strength in the fingers and hands.

Cello – Because of the cello’s large size, our recommended starting age for cello is seven or eight, although exceptions can certainly be made for a younger student who is capable of handling the instrument properly and with sufficient strength in the fingers and hands. The cello is also an excellent instrument for students of all ages who have some experience with other members of the violin family, or even as a beginning instrument.


The guitar is capable of authentically performing all styles of music, including blues, folk, pop, rock, jazz, classical, flamenco and country.
Instruction is focused on the student’s favorite songs and musical styles. From this point of strength and interest, we will study the fundamentals of the instrument while attaining an understanding of  the music that the student already enjoys.
Students may begin studying the guitar as young as 7 years old. 

A smaller guitar and nylon strings are recommended for an enthusiastic younger guitar student.


The Perfect Instrument to Introduce Your Child To Music is the Ukulele.

There are four main sizes of ukulele. In order of increasing size they are: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Soprano is the traditional ukulele size and the one most often used by beginners. With it being the smallest, there’s less stretching for notes. They also tend to be the cheapest. Overall, I’d recommend starting with a soprano.

The ukulele fits into a child's hands. It's almost exactly proportionate to a child as a guitar is to an adult. This makes it feel that the instrument is theirs. It is easy to learn and the children can plan and sing at the same time.


Our recommended starting age is around seven. The most significant factor to keep in mind is whether or not the student’s hands are large enough to facilitate playing. As a wind instrument, it is also important that the student has the developed lung capacity to play.


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