Woodwind Lessons

Beginner Clarinet or Flute

In Beginner Clarinet or Flute lessons, students will learn all the basics of the instrument that will enable them to play any style of music that interests them. Students will first focus on producing a beautiful tone, and learn the instrument fingerings. These are taught with a chromatic & multi-register approach right from the start, giving students the musical tools they need to start playing many different songs right away.
Beginner students are taught to read standard musical notation, as well as play melodies by ear. There will be an emphasis on playing with proper bodily posture and hand position. Ensemble techniques are taught through duet playing, and students are encouraged to bring into their lessons any music they may be working on in their school band or other ensemble.

Intermediate-Advanced Clarinet or Flute

As an Intermediate-Advanced Clarinet or Flute player, students will learn to polish all aspects of their playing by embarking on a structured course of study and practice, implementing specific exercises that will help toward the goal of gaining mastery of the instrument. Included will be scale, arpeggio and étude work designed to refine technique, as well as a study of solo and chamber literature. This will enable the student to play with a smooth tone that is even throughout all the registers.
Students will extend their range upward by learning 3rd register fingerings. Emphasis will be placed on developing aspects of musicality such as phrasing, dynamics, articulation and musical interpretation.
The student will learn the use of vibrato, and how to shade and color their tone with breath speed and support. Students will be assisted in preparing their music for any ensemble they are performing in, and audition preparation is available for interested students.
For the student serious about advancing on the Clarinet or Flute, IntermediateAdvanced lessons will help you reach your goals.

09/05/2017 - 01/31/2018

⇒ Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

Lessons are hold once a week.