Piano Lessons

Have you decided you want to learn how to play piano? Mastering a new skill can be challenging at first, so your enthusiasm to get started is a great first step.
What you believe piano lessons are for will affect your level of satisfaction with the piano lessons you or your child is receiving.

Piano Lessons Are For Learning How To Do Cool Stuff on The Piano.

Cool stuff starts with things like
• playing familiar melodies,
• creating glissandi,
• using the sustain pedal,

and moves on to more sophisticated cool stuff like
• creating a balance between the melody and accompaniment and voicing two parts within one hand,
• being able to control tonal variation,
• learning to recognize and perform any number of patterns (both by sight and by ear),
• knowing how to make different chords and chord sequences,
• being able to play a chromatic scale – fast,
• being able to play scales in contrary motion, or thirds apart, or sixths apart,
• creating different effects through a range of articulations

and in terms of repertoire includes
• playing pieces your friends and family enjoy
• being able to play music that is new to you easily
• playing music with other musicians and playing music with your friends
• playing music to accompany singers (solo, group, social, amateur, professional)

What You Will Learn as You Progress Through Your Lessons

What can you expect to learn with all the effort you put into taking piano lessons? Here are just a few:
• Sight reading skills: This means the ability to look at a piece of sheet music and understand it quickly. Not every accomplished piano player has good sight-reading skills, but if you make it a goal, you can develop the talent in yourself.
• Expanded repertoire: The more pieces you learn, the larger your repertoire becomes. And if you master the skill of memorizing music, you can showcase your repertoire wherever there`s a piano, even if you don`t have any sheet of music with you
• Discipline: Learning to play piano takes plenty of dedication and discipline. What you learn seated on a piano bench can transfer to other areas of your life.
• It`s okay to make mistakes: Even professionals make mistakes, so it`s important for you to realize you will, too. 

09/05/2017 - 01/31/2018

⇒ Monday afternoons with Todor Stoinov
⇒ Tuesday afternoons with Maral Annaovezova
⇒ Wednesday afternoons with Baris Perker
⇒ Thursday afternoons with Baris Perker and Elliot Maldonado
⇒ Friday afternoons with Hannah Meloy
⇒ Saturdays with Hannah Meloy
⇒ Sundays with Daniel Dickson

Lessons are hold once a week.